How to Obtain


Rank S+
HP 1015
Attack 345
Magic 345
Speed 996
Defense 613
Resist 613

The S+ class status is basic on the one in Lv.75. In fact, the level of the spirit is able to change even in the same class. So if you find you data is different, please check the level of your spirit.


At S+ Ranking

Name Time Units Targets Effect
Defense Break 130 One Foe Deals 354-443 Physical damage (Death). Decreases Defence by 114
Immunity - Self Immune from all bad status effects
Rage 250 All foes Deals 274-335 Physical damage (Death)
Soul Eater 250 One Foe Deals 518-633 Physical damage (Death); Effects Increased by: 100% for every kill made in a battle.
Ultrasonic 130 All Foes Decreases Defense by 114

All the above values are on an S+ rank Spirit.

Each time you capture a spirit totem these stats will increase a small amount.

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