Apalala is a Dragon Overlord. The real identity of Apalala is a Blue Wyrm.


In Buddhist mythology, Apalala is a water-dwelling dragon who lived near the Swat River. He was converted to Buddhism by the Buddha;this is one of the most popular legends in Buddhist lore and art. The tale is often told to Buddhist children for them to learn their happiness lies in their faith.


Found in South Earlsome. Details coming soon!


4104 HP 929 Attack 929 Magic 657 Speed 1435 Defense 1435 Magic

Attack Break - This ability targets 1 foe Decreases attack by 82 Deal 943-1152 Physical damage (water) Time Units (TU): 130

Ocean Ruler - This ability targets 1 foe Effects Increased by: 100% VS Water Deals 943-1152 Physical Damage (water) Time units (TU): 130

Outrage - This ability targets 1 foe Deals 1252 - 1531 Physical damage (water) Time units(Tu): 160

Tidal wave - This ability targets all foes Deals 415 - 508 Magical damage (water) Time Units(TU): 130

  • All of the abilities are NOT listed as if the monster was level 1.


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