How to Obtain

Obtained from a recipe found in the Cave of Endergate (8th floor) from Leomaris.


Level 1 50 100 150 Per Level
HP 69 1014 2069 2975 19
Attack 68 999 2047 2899 19
Magic 53 788 1556 2288 15
Speed 36 526 1026 1526 10
Defense 57 841 1641 2441 16
Resist 54 794 1609 2304 15


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Soul Feast 250 All Foes 53-64 Physical Damage (Death)
Neutralize 130 All Foes Removes all effects, good or bad, from target
Spawn 250 Self Creates 1 Copy of target. HP is shared

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.

This is a great monster to use when facing many foes due to it's great Soul Feast ability note though that it is very weak against life monsters, being a death one.


Dream Hunter Tiger Swarm Aqua Horror
Dream Hunter
Tiger Swarm


1st Form
Aqua Horror
Aqua Horror

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