How to Obtain

  • Evolves from Angel at level 54.
  • Recieve from an egg.


Level 1 100 150
HP 100 4572
Attack 36 1763
Magic 37 1580
Speed 85 3661
Defense 53 2762
Resist 68 3373


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Angelic Wind 100 All Friends

Removes: Sleep, Paralyze,Poison, Confuse

Judgement  250 All Foes

Deals 28-35 Magical Damage (Life)

Mighty Guard 160 All Friends

Increases Defense by 2, increases Resist by 2

Offering 160 All Friends

Heals 149-182 HP, Sacrifices Monster

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form
Cherub Angel Archangel
Cherub Angel Archangel
Evolves at level 35 Evolves at level 54  -


A full team of Archangels can also master difficult problems.

Archangels are fast so they will most likely be attacking first so you use Mighty Guard with all your Archangels until you only get little damage. When it happens that your Archangels are low on HP use Offering to heal two of your Archangels and go on using Mighty Guard. When you are sure to be strong enough start attacking your opponent. (This also works with 2 Archangels and one strong Monster like Cryohydra etc. Best to take Monster who can use attacks attacking All Foes.)

Note: To use this strategy you will likely be farming long for Cherubs so better be prepared for a long time farming.

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