How to Obtain

Evolves from Demon at level 53.


Level 1 150
HP 69 3244
Attack 36 1733
Magic 68 2908
Speed 32 1373
Defense 53 2732
Resist 53 2762


Name Time Units Target(s) Effect
Armageddon 250 1 Foe 135-165 Magical Damage
Death Sentence 250 1 Foe Target will die after 500 TUs
Overdrive 160 All Allies +1 Magic, +1 Attack
Sacrifice 250 1 Foe 135-165 Magical Damage, sacrifices monster in your party that isn't in battle and adds +3% damage per level of that monster

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.

Death Sentence DOESN'T work on boss encounters (guild/resistance fights or spirits)


1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Demon Archdemon
Evolves at level 16 Evolves at level 53 -

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