Location Obtained

Olympia, after taking Shogun (Quest)


"Gladstone is an extremist who is threatening to attack the Guild if we do not suspend our operations in the Sanctuary; the nest of all anti-guild movements. Arrest him. He is somewhere in Saintspring."

How to Complete

Go to the spot 2 steps the bridge in Saintspring and head straight east (right).
Gladstone duncan locs
You will be attacked by Gladstone when you reach the shore. You know what to do then.

Note: You may notice Gladstone seems to be a step north from the spot where you find the target of the next quest - Duncan. Unfortunately it's not possible to jump from on spot to the other, the game forces you to take the path starting from the road. The cliff-face path to Duncan is separate from the one to Gladstone (see picture)

Gladstone has with him an Orochi, Deep Whale and a Chimera Ant all level 77 boosted to around 6,3-6,4k hitpoints (the whale has slightly less)


20 gold

Next Quest

Defeat Duncan

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