Location Obtained

Longdale. After taking Desperate Attacks (Quest).


"A political activist named Iris is taking shelter in the Cave of Endergate. She is known for causing trouble, but lately she has gone overboard. We have no choice but to arrest her"

How to Complete

You've met Iris before. This time She's on the 3rd floor of the Cave of Endergate trying to find a peaceful place to live..ugh..tough luck girl.

She has 2 Snake God, onopposite sides of a Spike Monster, followed by Megaslug, 2 Snake God, Tengu, Megaslug, Tengu, 2 Spikey, Iron Slime, and a King Slime


After the fight you can pick up her chest with a round emerald, 51 magic. The guild will reward you with 20 gold.

Next Quest

Bounty Hunt (2nd one in Longdale) - yeah, just great, they named the quest exactly the same as a previous one. We'll need to figure out how to deal with it in terms to page names

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