How to Obtain

Evolves from Dark Panther at level 28.


Level 1
HP 63
Attack 72
Magic 72
Speed 70
Defense 63
Resist 63


Name Time Units Target(s) Effect
Ater 160 All Foes 38-47 Magical Damage (Death)
Claw 160 1 Foe 97-118 Physical Damage (Death)
Dark Matter 160 1 Foe 97-118 Magical Damage (Death)
Death Sentence 50 1 Foe Target is killed after 500 TUs

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.

Use of Death Sentence

Behemoth's Death Sentence ability is incredibly useful when facing the three Blademasters in Lorensia for the Defeat the Guild (Quest). It is not necessary but I greatly recommend at least trying so as to see your skill as a breeder and train your monsters a bit.

It is not recommended to put Behemoth in your beginning team due to the fact that he may be killed at the beginning and will not be able to use Death Sentence. I would recommend bringing as your three starter monsters an Iron King, an Archangel, and a Spikey, and immidiately after those have your Behemoth. It might be useful to bring in the Spirit totem time at the beginning once your Iron King has activated it's scapegoat ability so as to get rid of monsters you do not want to waste your Death Sentence on. That is also the reason why I recommend bringing in the spikey, to do the same job as Time. Meanwhile your Iron King is spamming scapegoat your Archangel and Spikey are going to spam mighty guard, strengthening your tanks and Time so by the time you Iron King gets low health and your Archangel heals him with it's offering ability, your Iron king has incredible defense making it and incredible tank and now enough time has passed that your Spikey can use it's survivor ability effectively and clear any monsters that you don't want your Behemoth to take.

As hinted before this strategy is great against 3 monster teams or a bit more, but no more than 6-8 due to the incredible wait time for death sentence to run out and its non-reausability for farming.


1st Form 2nd Form
Dark Panther
Dark Panther Behemoth
Evolves at level 28 -

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