Berith is a third evolution monster. Its first form is Beast Knight, followed by Rider. This monster is needed in a lot of recipes (including dragoons).


Humonoid (confirmed)

 How to Obtain

To get a Berith, evolve a Rider, or catch one in the forest directly north of Olympia City.


HP 37/37
Attack 15
Magic 15
Speed 27
Defense 29
Resist 27


Title Time Description Effect
Assault 160 One Foe 19 - 24 Physical Damage (Earth)
Charisma - All Friends +1 Attack
Holy Lance 130 One Foe 15 - 18 Physical Damage (Earth) 100% VS Demonic
Joust 200 Two Foes 14 - 17 Physical Damage (Earth)
Overdrive 160 All Friends Increases Attack and Magic by 1


1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form
Beast Knight Rider Berith
Beast Knight Rider Berith
Evolves at level 23 Evolves at level 44