You get the recipe after winning the fight with Mai near the house in Saintspring. She has just a single level 94 blademaster with around 25k hitpoints which is apparently immune to status effects for this fight prepared.

Blademaster Stat



Level 1 150
HP 81 3510
Attack 88 3722
Magic 54 2149
Speed 27 1070
Defense 50 2461
Resist 54 2614


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Charge 160 Self +1 Attack
Counter Attack - - 1 damage reflected when attacked
Masamune 100 1 Foe 79-96 Physical Damage
Muramasa 250 1 Foe

156-191 Physical Damage, +25% damage per kill made in battle

No Guard 100 Self Applies No Guard Condition for 500 TUs


It cannot evolve from or into any monsters, but it can be created by combing a Shogun and a Chimera Ant if you have the recipe Shogun  +  Chimera Ant  =  Blademaster


You should have Gold Lions or Lion Kings. or use Archangels if you have any Then, use Man Eater on blademaster. It can deal lots of damage.

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