Humanoid - The move Man eater dose more damage

How to Obtain

  • Evolve a Blood Warrior to level 37
  • Can be found on the first spot on the southside of the white Saintspring bridge. Even if 3 sludges appear, with a large number following them, there can be better monsters at the end of the team.
  • Found in the Underworld


Level 1
HP 37
Attack 17
Magic 14
Speed 36
Defense 30
Resist 25


Name Time Units Target(s) Effect
Assault 160 1 Foe 22-27 Physical Damage (Fire)
Dagger 50 2 Foes 5-6 Physical Damage (Fire)
Slay 130 1 Foe 17-20 Physical Damage (Fire), +100% Damage vs. Humanoid
Vengeance 250 1 Foe 30-37 Physical Damage (Fire), +10.00% Damage per friendly casualty in a battle

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form
Blood Priest Blood Warrior Blood Rogue
Blood Priest Blood Warrior Blood Rogue
Evolves at level 17 Evolves at level 37 -

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