Cannot be Found, you will fight an NPC for the Bone Dragon recipe on the 13th floor of Lardon.




HP 66
Attack 55
Magic 55
Speed 48
Defense 59
Resist 59


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Ater 160 All Foes 29 - 36 Magical Damage (Death)
Blitz 50 One Foe 27 - 33 Physical Damage (Death)
Death Sentence 250 One Foe The target is killed when the duration runs out. Duration:500
Gamma Burst 250 All Foes 43 - 52 Magical Damage (Death)

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


It cannot evolve from or into any monsters, but it can be created by combing a Blue Dragon and a Night Crawler. BlueDragon  +  Night Crawler  =  Bone Dragon

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