Location Obtained

Longdale. After taking Arrest Iris (Quest).


"We can share no details on this one, but your target is a breeder called Mazarine. You should be able to find her in the Cave of Endergate."

How to Complete

Just to remind you - Endergate is the area to the east (right) of Longdale. Cross the bridge and enter the cave there. You'll find Mazarine on the 11th floor.

Monsters to expect: Mer King, Crab King, Terror Shark, Ceola King, Sea Caliph, Dark Razorfish, Sea Dragon, 2 Turtle Kings and 3 Don Penguinis.

Note those are all water creatures, so Air monsters are your best bet. It's also a good idea to take monsters that can attack multiple targets at once and kill the last 2 or 3 Don Penguinis before killing ever other monster to save yourself some losses from a lone penguins Last Stand attack. Also - expect those turtles to explode.


2483 silver (exact ammount may vary depending on level)

Next Quest

Find Nemo

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