Here is the list of the characters in the game. 

Character List

Title Type Description
You Hero The hero of the game. You follow your “father’s footsteps” and become one of the greatest monster breeders.
Leslie Leslie You will meet her at the start of the game when she is asking for help. She serves as a guide for the game.
Leslie's Brother No Picture The Guild Master of Corova.
Enya Enya Found in many locations. She is a unlawful license breeder.
Rigel Rigel He is identified as a hostile breeder to the guild, but he does not harm anyone.
Cyrus Cyrus He is a "barbarian" and he always catches and trains monsters in forests.
Fionn - You will meet him at the 3rd level in the North Cave and in Wesing.
Ivo Ivo He is your father's friend and he is a strong breeder. He gives you recipes when you defeat him.
Giselle - A Guild member. You will meet her on the map of Northern Alvalon. She's blocking the entrance of Westguard to test you.
Harald - Guild Master of Westguard and the one who will give you a License Test in the arena.
Christa - You will meet her blocking the passage leading north from Westguard.
Fiona - She and her partner Mazarine rob rare monsters from other breeders. You will meet them in Pirate's Cave.
Adina - You will rescue her in the Lighthouse of Ringfeld.
Carmin - You will meet this runaway monster thief breeder in the Lighthouse of Ringfeld.
Leomaris - Also known as the Pirate King. He will be your last quest from the Guild of Westguard. You will meet him on the tip of the peninsula to the west of Westguard.
Ren - You will meet this girl when you first enter Wesing and at the forest in Western Gracia.
? - The Guild Master of Wesing.
Ryu - You will encounter him in the forest of Greater Wesing.
Clematis - You will meet her in Wesing recruiting breeders.
Ursula - You will meet this girl on the 1st floor of No Man's Castle in Southern Alvalon. She will give you the Skull Crow recipe.
Faust - He gives you recipes when you defeat him.
Esteban Found soutwest of Dundean during the Defeat the Guild quests with 35 Wolf Gods.