Shogun  +  Chimera Ant  =  Blademaster

How to Obtain



1 150
HP 62 2744
Attack 58 2591
Magic 58 2591
Speed 31 1408
Defense 48 2135
Resist 48 2135


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Cross Strike 70 One Foe 34-41 Physical damage (Earth), 100% VS Demonic
Dark Mist 200 All Foes Slows actions by 30%, 94-115 Earth damage over 500 TU
Pierce 160 One Foe 78-95 Physical damage (Earth)
Venom Shot 100 One Foe 52-63 Physical Damage (Earth), 52-63 Earth damage over 500 TU

Dark Mist

Chimera Ant's best ability is most probably Dark Mist even though it might be overlooked by some breeders. Those breeders might think: it has good damage but it takes so long! I's rather stick to my Ifrit/Orochi with good immediate damage. Dark Mist though, works great when fighting 3 or less monster battles. Along with doing good damage over the 500 TUs, it also slows down their actions, letting you attack them and weaken them more and more easily. The great thing is that this ability can be stacked to about 90%-100%, making the opposing team go about twice as slow.


1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form
Giant Ant Mutation Chimera Ant
Giant Ant Mutation Chimera Ant
Evolves at level 20 Evolves at level 55 -