Corova is a Town.



Located in Southern Alvalon.


  • You are asked to help Leslie since her house has been attacked by a goblin and she fails to compel it.


Title Type Description
Prove Yourself Capture "Hmm... First, you need to prove yourself. Go outside of town and capture your 1st monster! The forest west of here would be a good place. You only get one chance per monster, so you need to lower its health in order to better your chances."
Defeat 10 Monsters Training "Go defeat 10 monsters. By the time you come back to me, you will be ready to face real challenges. I forgot to mention this earlier but you can take up to 3 quest with you at any given time."
Beat Rigel Battle "Rigel is a local breeder hostile to the guild. Defeat him and claim your reward. He is to be found somewhere in the North Cave."
Beat Barbarian Battle "There are reports of travelers getting attacked by a barbarian deep in the forest to the west. Go neutralize the threat and come back."
Deliver Message Travel "You need to deliver this message to the guild in Westguard. Just travel north to Northern Alvalon and you will see the city of Westguard. You must defeat a Dragon Overlord that is blocking the way first."
Evolution Training "Some monsters will evolve after gaining enough levels. Evolving your monsters is a big task for breeders. Show us that you and your monsters are capable of this."
Clear North Cave Exterminate "The Guild's excavation team wants to dig up some monster fossils in the North Cave. Your task is to Defeat all monsters on Floor 1 through 2 to ensure the team can work in a safe enviroment."
Spirited Away Collect Spirit Totem "Spirit totems are powerful tools to own. Find the creature known as Resistance in the bottom of the cave to the north nad get 1 totem from it."
Recipe For Creation Creation "If you defeat a breeder named ivo on the beach to the north, he will give you a recipe. You can use it to combine 2 monsters into something new. Combine Bitewing with Wolf 1 time."