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How to get

You can get this recipe by beating Cryohydra in the 5th floor of the Sanctuary




HP 74/74
Attack 70
Magic 70
Speed 22
Defense 59
Resist 59


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Gore 130 Two Foes 46 - 57 Physical Damage (Water)
Soul Crush 250 Two Foes 82 - 101 Physical Damage (Water)
Tail Swing 50 Two Foes 20 - 25 Physical Damage (Water)
Tidal Wave 130 All Foes 31 - 38 Magical Damage (Water)

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


It cannot evolve from or into any monsters, but it can be created by combing a Blue Dragon and a White Dragon.

BlueDragon  +  White Dragon  =  Cryohydra

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