Location Obtained

Olympia, after taking Hunter (Quest)


"Death Crawlers gain strength for every monster that they defeat. There is a hostile breeder on the south side of the river in Saintspring that has a powerful death crawler. Go defeat him before it's too late."

How to Complete

Go to Saintspring and take 2 steps left along the southern bank of the river. Defeat Otto and his monsters there to complete the quest.

Otto has a boosted level 70 Death Crawler with around 8400 hitpoints surrounded by 2 similarly booster Iron Slimes with a similar ammount near 8300 hp.

If your team is not strong enough to take the crawler out with multiple target attacks it is suggested to take some monsters with anti-Metal attacks to make short work of the surrounding slugs.


2384 silver (ammount may vary with level)

Next Quest

Private Cavalry