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"Attack the guilds in Westguard, Longdale, Olympia and liberate the cities. You need to do this by yourself with no assistance. We can't march into cities with a full army. It needs to be a one man mission so no civilian casualties are suffered."

How to Complete

To complete this quest, you must leave the underworld and walk into Westguard, Longdale, and Olympia. Once reaching these cities, you will fight the guild in that city. You will first travel from Swinedene to Longdale. Here you'll fight the Longdale Guild.

Longdale Guild (3 Monsters):

Cockatrice x3 

After defeating the Longdale Guild, you should walk south to the Olympia guild.

On the way to the Olympia guild, you'll fight a few NPCs:

NPC #1: Felix2.

NPC #2: Ferdinand.

NPC #3: Lenora.

NPC #4: Cyruss.

NPC #5: Arturi.

NPC #6: Enya.

Olympia Guild (32 Monsters):

Archangel x3

Chimera Ant x3

Wolf God x3

Orochi x3

Deep Whale x3

Goemon x3

Death Crawler x3

Teddy x2

Aqua Horror x3

Archdemon x1

Iron King x2

Blademaster x2


After defeating the Olympia guild, return to Longdale and head west. On your way to the Westguard guild, you'll encounter a few NPCs. See their pages for their monster teams.

NPC #7: Conan (South Earlsome)

NPC #8: Gideona (South Earlsome)

NPC #9: Shadow (Safaris)

Note: if you enter the town of Dundean, you'll enter a fight with the Dundean guild. Here's his team:

Dundean Guild (29 Monsters):

Divine x3

Snow Man x3

Solaris x3

Wendigo x6

Spike Monster x4

Death Crawler x3

Dementor x3


Iron King x2

Chaos Rider

Once you defeat the Dundean guild, head west to run into the next NPC fight:

NPC #10: Kiku (Archangel x3)

NPC #11: esteban(something like 32 wolf gods)

NPC #12: Siegfried (He can be found just east of Westguard)

He has the following monsters (in this order,going top to bottom):

  • Archangel (x3)(first)
  • Sphinx Master
  • Deep Whale (x3)
  • Blademaster
  • Ifrit
  • Snow Man (x5)
  • Spike Monster
  • Behemoth (x3)
  • Wendigo (x2)
  • Goemon
  • Ifrit
  • Dementor (x4)
  • Ifrit (x2)
  • Asura
  • Tortilla (x3)
  • Sphinx Master
  • Solaris (x2)
  • Don Penguini(last)
  • Ifrit
  • Asura (x2)

once you defeat siegfried go into westguard to start the next(and last)NPC fight.

NPC #13:--    guild master.

he has the following monsters(in the same order as above): All lvl 150: Iron King, Archangel, Iron King, Wendigo (x9), Iron King, Dementor(x2), Red Wyrm, Gold Wyrm, White Wyrm, Blue Wyrm, Iron King, Blue Dragoon, Gold Dragoon, White Dragoon, Iron King, Bone Dragoon, Pyrohydra, Cyrohydra, Iron King, Dreadnought(x3) 05:34, May 5, 2013 (UTC)monster table needed05:34, May 5, 2013 (UTC)~

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