Location Obtained

Longdale. After taking Deep Whale (Quest).


"A famous pirate called Leomaris has just been hired by the resistance in Swinedene's fjord area. This is a desperate move by them, but it's also a deadly one. Can you handle it?"

How to Complete

Where else could a pirate be? of course all the way on the ship in Swinedene, two steps past the Ancient Relic. He welcomes you with the words: "This time, I work for a noble cause. It's very noble indeed, and I get paid for fighting Guild breeders like you. Well...what are we waiting for!" And the fight starts

His army consists of 3 Tiger Swarm, Nessie, Yacare. Ceola King, 2 Dark Razorfish, Nessie, Sea Dragon, Mer King, 4 Turtle King, Tortilla and another Yacare. Oh and he just LOVES exploding those turtles.

After beating his he says "Okay, I will quite and take off. You don't have to worry about these guys anymore. They don't have any breeders left that can fight, and they have spent all their money to hire me."


20 gold

Next Quest

Arrest Iris

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