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3 Wolfgods using Plasma let Dreadnoughts TU stack very much

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How to Obtain

  • Found as a recipe on the 10th floor of the Underworld Ruins (only appears if you have taken the Dragon Recipe(Quest)|Dragon Recipe]] quest)
  • When you fight Dreadnought to obtain his recipe you will face 3 Dreadnoughts. The easiest way to beat him is to use any team with 3 Wolf Gods in it. Use Plasma all the time and Dreadnought will die without even being able to attack (If your Wolf Gods are too slow just place them in the middle of your team and use any monster which can sacrifice itself before them so you can instantly use all of your Wolf Gods). Other stun/status methods work as well, since unlike other 3-monster-only opponents these do NOT have Immunity.


Dreadnought Cryohydra Pyrohydra
UltimateDragon-hd =


Level 1 150 Per Level
HP 96 3821 25
Attack 73 2904 19
Magic 73 2904 19
Speed 58 2293 15
Defense 73 2904 19
Resist 73 2904 19

*All statistics assume that the monster has no gem inserted, and no hero points have been spent by the player.


Name Time Units Target(s) Effect
Andromeda 250 1 Foe 144-177 Magical Damage (Arcane)
Gamma Burst 250 All Foes 57-70 Magical Damage (Arcane)
Gore 130 2 Foes 48-59 Physical Damage (Arcane)
Soul Crush 250 2 Foes 86-105 Physical Damage (Arcane)

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


1st Form

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