Dundean is a town located in Safaris.

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Guild's Quests

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Barbarian Alert:

"Hunters have spotted the Barbarian again in the Giant Mangal. None have been attacked, but there are reports coming in that suggest an imminent threat. Go check out what's happening."

Cyrus found @ Lv 8 of Giant Mangal, Team:

1 Pyro

2 Fairy Queen

3 Pyro

4 Spike Crab

5 Snow Panther

6 Spike Crab

7 Fire Tiger

8 King Slime

Reward: Silver Egg

Head to Longdale:

"You need to head to Longdale as soon as possible. You can travel east through the valley.

Reward: Square Ruby (ATK 42 for me)

  • note, there is a dragon guarding the passway in the next region.