Enya is an NPC. 

Southern Alvalon Encounter (No Quest)

Enya fights you in Southern Alvalon at this location:


Her Team:

1 Fire Hatchling

Reward: Oval Gem.

Northern Alvalon Encounter (No Quest)

Enya fights you in Northern Alvalon at this location:


Her Team:

1 Dark Priest

2 Red Dragonling

3 Noko

Reward: None.

Applefield Encounter (Quest)

Applefield Encounter 2 (Quest)

Quest: Defeat the Guild

Her Team:

1 Chimera Ant

2 Archangel

3 Chimera Ant

4 Red Dragoon

5 Berith

6 Berith

7 Unhappy Bird

8 Unhappy Bird

9 Unhappy Bird

10 Unhappy Bird

11 Orochi

12 Orochi

13 Orochi

14 Red Wyrm

15 Guardian

16 Guardian

17 Orochi

18 Orochi

19 Orochi

20 Shogun

21 Shogun

22 Shogun

23 Shogun

24 Dementor

25 Dementor

26 Dementor

27 Unhappy Bird

28 Unhappy Bird

29 Red Wyrm

30 Red Wyrm

31 Red Wyrm

32 Red Dragoon

33 Red Dragoon

34 Red Dragoon

35 Red Dragoon

Reward: None

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