How to Obtain

Found on 10th floor of Cave of North Earlsome in North Earlsome, north of Longdale.

Whe you first capture Evil he is level 51 at Rank F- The below stats are based off these values.


Rank F- S+
HP 768
Attack 371
Magic 371
Speed 212
Defense 635
Resist 635


At Level 51 F- Rank

Name Time Units Targets Effect
Ater 160 All Foes Deals 198-243 Magical damage (Death)
Guilt 100 One Foe Deals 300-367 Physical damage (Death); Effects Increased by 100% VS Humanoid
Horror 160 One Foe Deals 400-489 Magical damage (Death); Stuns target for 191 TUs
Immunity - Self Immune from all bad status effects
Soul Eater 250 One Foe Deals 550-673 Physical damage (Death); Effects Increased by 20% for every kill made in a battle

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