Fairy Queen is monster evolved from Fairy. It is famous for its hypnosis magic on monsters, thus lower your counter attack chance significantly.

You can obtain it at Wesburn north from Saint Wesburn.


Lv HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resist
1 32 6 12 16 9 21


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Analyze 100 This monster only Activates the enemy team party order buttom in the top right. Touch it to see which enemies are coming
Magic Wall 100 All friends Increases Resist by 2
Mass Hypnosis 160 All Foes Puts the target to sleep for 149 TUs. Any damage will wake it.
Sanctify 100 One Foe 10 - 13 Magical Damage (Life)

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


1st Form 2nd Form
Fairy Queen
Fairy Fairy Queen
Evolves at level 12

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