Location Obtained

Olympia, after taking Defeat Duncan (Quest)


"Defeat Cornelius, Xin, Raiden, Enya, Beatrice, Caius in the Sanctuary. Whatever political convictions they may have, plotting to attack a city full of civilians is not going to be tolerated. Wipe them out to end this."

How to Complete

There are 6 opponents you have to defeat to complete the quest, each occupying one of the first six floors of Lardon(Sanctuary). Taking the quest also seems to respawn Iago with his 3 Bone Dragons on floor 13, but it's not necessary to defeat him to progress the quest and there's no additional reward for defeating him again (the game says you unlock the Bone Dragon recipe again, but if you already have one it's just a fake message). Defeating each of them unlocks a different Dragoon or Hydra recipe, the recipe received corresponds to the main monster in that opponents army (see Monster Recipes for details)

Opponent details: all quest monsters seem to have status immunity for this quest

Sanctuary floor 1: Cornelius - 2xWhite Wyrm, White Dragoon all level 72 with around 8.4k hitpoints

Sanctuary floor 2: Xin - 2xBlue Wyrm, Blue Dragoon probably level 74 with around 9k hitpoints (needs confirming)

Sanctuary floor 3: Raiden - 2xGold Wyrm, Gold Dragoon all level 76 with around 9.4k hitpoints

Sanctuary floor 4: Enya - 2xRed Wyrm, Red Dragoon all level 79 with around 10k hitpoints

Sanctuary floor 5: Beatrice - Blue Wyrm, Cryohydra, White Wyrm all level 81 with around 10.4k hitpoints

Sanctuary floor 6: Caius - Red Wyrm, Pyrohydra, Gold Wyrm all level 85 with around 10.7k hitpoints

(bonus, not needed for quest) floor 13: Iago - 3xBone Dragon


dragoon and hydra recipes Going back to a town after defeating the opponents unlocks the Unknown Relic in Swinedene

Turning in the quest gives a Golden Egg

This is the last quest you'll find in Olympia. If you're hungry for more head to Ilios in the Underworld through the Unknown Relic in Swinedene.

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