Location Obtained

Longdale. After taking Bounty Hunt (Longdale 2nd) (Quest).


"Our Ace breeder, Nemo, has gone missing. He has not reported in for over a month. He was last seen on a mission in the Cave of Endergate. Go find him."

How to Complete

Look for Nemo in the area east of town, on the 14th floor of the Cave of Endergate. He won't go without a fight..actually - he won't go at all. He started noticing that the actions of the guild are a crime against people.

Nemo tries to fend you off with 2 Yacare, Nessie, Tiger Swarm, 3 Turtle Kings and a Leviathan.

Once more Air creatures are most effective here.


Nemo leaves behind him a chest with a Red Tear Emerald (58 magic).

The guild rewards your victory with an Egg.

Next Quest

Mythical Monsters

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