Fire Tiger is a strong monster and it is usually obtained through the evolution of Fire Cub.

Almost always appears where the hero is standing in the thumbnail, in the Saintspring Forest. Can also be found in the small forest on the Olympia town island and in the lower floors of the Sanctuary (very rare).

Tiger and Panther Location

Found in the Saintspring forest where the hero is standing.


Lv HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resist
1 44 23 23 59 32 32


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Charge 160 This monster only Increases Attack by 1
Claw 160 One Foe 11 - 14 Physical Damage (Fire)
Explosion 160 One Foe 30 - 37 Magical Damage (Fire)
Fire Storm 130 All Foes 9 - 12 Magical Damage (Fire)

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


1st Form 2nd Form
Fire Cub
Fire Tiger
Fire Cub Fire Tiger
Evolves at level 28 -


Fire Tiger Snow Panther Solaris
Fire Tiger
Snow Panther

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