Key Locations

Safaris (Quests)




Title Type Description
Extremist Battle "A former single star breeder, Elvin has left our organization and is threatening to interrupt our operations in Gian Mangal. We need you to stop him. He is said to be hiding somewhere in the forest of Mangal."
Arrest al-Rashid Battle "One of our tasks is to monitor and moderate the trade of monsters. Recently we have cracked down on illegal trade activities and arrested most of the facilitators except one man, named al-Rashid. He ran towards the Forest of Mangal."
Protester Battle "One of our building sites in the Forest of Mangal has been attacked by a group of locals. Iris, Who seems to be the leader of the pack, has defeated a dozen of breeders we sent in to clear the area. We now have no choice but turn to you."


002 - Red Dragonling (Only found in one specfic spot, about 0.01% chance of spawning)


Red Dragonling spawn spot (where player is)

019 - Doombat

030 - Wasp Queen

036 - Flame Wing

042 - Mutation

045 - Slime

052 - Drake

054 - Watcher

066 - Pincer

077 - Sasuke

088 - Cult Warrior

100 - Bones

109 - Spark

117 - Vampire

129 - Imp