Hey Guys!

So after some tinkering with the game files, I have discovered a way to get free golden eggs by abusing the "Black Market Free Eggs" offer where the game gives you golden eggs when you go to their Facebook pages. This offer should only be able to be completed once, but by deleting the "rewards.plist" in the game's files, one can do these offers over and over again. I will go over this method below. (Note that this is so far for ios only. I unfortunately do not own an android device and cannot test this method on an android.)


iDevice (iPod, iPhone, etc.)

File accessing program (I would recommend "iFunBox". It's a free download that's very user friendly.)

USB Connector Cable

I will be using iFunBox as the program in the steps below


1. Close Dragon Island Blue so that it is no longer running

2. Connect iDevice to computer

3. Start iFunBox

4. Go to the "iFunBox Classic" tab

5. Find "DragonIsland" under "User Applications" on the left hand side menu

6. Open the "Documents" folder in the DragonIsland App

7. Locate and delete the "rewards.plist" file

Dragon Island Blue Plist

8. Relaunch DIB on the iDevice

9. Go to "Black Market" and then "Free Eggs"

10. Tap on all the pictures

11. Claim eggs in "Rewards"

12. Rinse and Repeat

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