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What is the max monster level?

The max monster level is 150.

What is the max hero level?

The max hero level is 51.

What is the strongest monster in the game?

Chaos Rider is easily the strongest monster in the game.

What is the highest license?

The highest license is the Grandmaster License.

How do I get to the underworld?

To get to the underworld, go to Swinedene and travel to the three mountanous structures near the peninsula. This will take you to the Unknown Relic dungeon which leads to the Underworld on floor 5.

How can I get more dragon hatchlings?

Actually, you can only catch the Water Hatchling - see its page for its location. You can also catch these dragons: Red Dragonling, White Dragon, Gold Dragon. See their pages for the locations. You can also obtain the dragon hatchlings from a Golden Egg.

How do I get Teddy, Spikey, Dawn Rider, and Dark Panther?

You must complete the quests given by the Old Sage in Southern Alvalon

How deep is The Abyss?

The Abyss is infinitely deep, but no waypoints will appear after floor 210.

How can I get golden eggs?

You can get them multiple ways! Examples include the tournament and from Fafnir in The Abyss. See the Golden Egg page for all possible ways to get them.

Where can I find Cherub?

See the Cherub page.