Location Obtained

Longdale. After taking Bounty Hunt (Quest).


"You need to head to the Holy City of Olympia as soon as possible. The road to Olympia is long, be prepared for a tough journey. Travel east to Endergate and folow the road heading south."

How to Complete

The quest will be complete when you reach Olympia. Besides the usual random encounters you can expect some static ambushes along the way (unless you've defeated them before) like Ren with 3 Shoguns on the first spot along the road in Saintspring, a cowgirl with three wolfgods just before the bridge in Saintstring and last but not least right between the bridge to Olympia and the town itself. You do not need to defeat those encounters to complete the quest, escaping from the fights is fine. Mind you they will keep attacking you until defeated regardless of this quest.


Golden Egg

Next Quest

Arrest Kai

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