About Hero Level

Leveling your hero will give you skill points to use, new monster slots in your party, and access to new licenses at the arena. 

How it Works

Hero level is based on leveling each type of monster. Your hero level experience bar will increase each time a monster reaches a new level, but it will not increase if you level the same type of monster a second time. For example, if you level a Blademaster from 1 to 150, your hero level experience will increase for each of those 150 levels. But if you get a second blademaster and level it, your hero level won't increase. If you catch a new monster, your hero level experience will increase based on the level of the monster you caught.

Leveling Tip

A good way to quickly gain a few hero levels is to go to Swinedene and catch all of the level 150 monsters that appear at the lighthouse and the two maps to the left in the valley. You can catch a level 150 Pyro, Spike Crab (evolves into Spike Monster immediately after), Snow Panther, Fire Tiger, Thunder Mage, Terror Claw, Megaslug, Fairy Queen, Angelic Bird (useful for life soul stones), Kingpen, Steel Snake, Wasp Queen, Gnoll, Drake, Dream Hunter, Bat King, Minos, and Crab King.

This is no longer possible, the monsters are no longer 150 in Swinedene.But the abyss/infinite dungeon is the new best place to level up you're monsters.

Hero Levels

+1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot
3 +1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot
4 +1 Skill Point
5 +1 Skill Point
6 +1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot
7 +1 Skill Point
8 +1 Skill Point
9 +1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot
10 +1 Skill Point, Unlock Veteran License (need 15 quests as well)
11 +1 Skill Point
12 +1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot
13 +1 Skill Point
14 +1 Skill Point
15 +1 Skill Point, Unlock Expert License (need 25 quests as well), New Monster Slot
16 +1 Skill Point
17 +1 Skill Point
18 +1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot
19 +1 Skill Point
20 +1 Skill Point, Unlock Elite License (need 35 quests as well)
21 +1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot
22 +1 Skill Point
23 +1 Skill Point
24 +1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot, Unlock Master License (need 60 quests)
25 +1 Skill Point
26 +1 Skill Point
27 +1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot
28 +1 Skill Point

+1 Skill Point, Unlock Grandmaster License (need 75quests as well)

30 +1 Skill Point
31 +1 Skill Point
32 +1 Skill Point
33 +1 Skill Point, New Monster Slot
34 +1 Skill Point
35 +1 Skill Point

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