Found in Swinedene in the spot directly above the lighthouse ~ Level 45

Applefield in the spot on the mountain

Can be found rarely in Endergate on the mountain island behind the Cave of Endergate .


Level 1 50 100 150
HP 74
Attack 8
Magic 8
Speed 69
Defense 47
Resist 47


Name TU Target(s) Effect
[Easy Target] - - Makes enemies more likely to attack this monster.
Escape 130 Self Escape from the battle.
Ooze 70 1 Foe 5-6 Physical Damage (Arcane)

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.

[ ] = Automatic ability that is active at all times during a battle.


1st Form 2nd Form
Iron Sludge
Iron Sludge Iron Slime
Evolves at level 37 -

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