How to Obtain

  • Found at the map east of Lorensia. Specifically just north of the big tree, but probably occurs in other spots too.
  • Found at level 35ish
  • Found in the small forest West of Dundean  ~ Level 15.  Found about 5 or so in 30 min of farming.



HP 57
Attack 3
Magic 3
Speed 52
Defense 36
Resist 36


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Easy Target Enemies Taunts enemies, making them more likely to attack this target
Escape 130 Self Escape from a battle
Ooze 70 1 Foe 1-2 Physical Damage (Arcane)
  • All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


1st Form 2nd Form
Iron Sludge IronSlime

Iron Sludge

Iron Slime
Evolves at level 37 -

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