Ivo is the man that gives you a Carnoraptor recipe in the Southern Alvalon, a Wolf God recipe in the Forest of Mangal, and a Solaris recipe in the Underworld. He is also a friend of "your father", as revealed in Olympia.

Be careful when you challenge him in the Forest of Mangal for the Wolf God recipe, as he has an army of three Dire Wolves, three Carnoraptors, three Thunder Wolves, and three Wolf Gods, a total of twelve very strong monsters. And the later monsters are level 70-90.

Southern Alvalon Encounter

You will meet Ivo at the beach of Southern Alvalon. After defeating him, you'll get the Carnoraptor Recipe.

Forest of Mangal Encounter

You'll find Ivo in the Forest of Mangal. He'll give you the Wolf God recipe after defeating him.

IMG 0307

Underworld Encounter

You will find Ivo in the Underworld. If you defeat him one final time, you'll get the Solaris recipe. Ivo can be found at this location


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