How to Obtain

  • Buy Spirit Totem
  • Defeat in Holy Cave  (15th floor)


At Rank F-/S+

HP 724/1272
Attack 333/585
Magic 333/585
Speed 793/1393
Defense 581/1021
Resist 581/1021


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Crux 130 One Foe Deals 375-458 Magical damage (Life)
Crstalize 160 Self Increases Defense by 77; Increases Resist by 77
Immunity - Self Immune from all bad status effects
Neutralize 130 All Foes Removes all effects, good or bad, from target.
Wrath 130 All Foes Deals 149-182 Physical damage (Life)

All stats reflect F- Spirit with no extra captures.

Each time you capture a spirit totem these stats will increase a small amount.

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