Lorensia is a city located in Western Gracia.

There are 9 quests in this city as of April 7th, 2013.




Warp Gate



Guild of Lorensia


Stop Clematis

"A breeder named Clematis is building a private cavalry of mounted monsters in the forest southeast of Eastern Gracia. She has no authorization to do such a thing."

Battle @ Eastern Gracia, the lower right forest

1. Rider

2. Rider

3. Rider

4. Rider

5. Rider

6. Berith

7. Berith

8. Berith

9. Griffin Rider

10. Griffin Rider

Reward: Griffin Rider Recipe (on location) + 587 Silver (@ guild)

Pirate Ship

"Our scouts have spooted a Pirate Ship headed toward the beach south of Lorensia. We don't want any pirates landing at Gracia. We rely on you to protect the land."

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