Ashley Bricco

  • I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • I was born on May 17
  • My occupation is iOS Developer at Backflip Studios
  • I am Female
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  • Hey Ashley,

    Is it possible to find hatchlings of gold and spark somewhere, or can you only find them as 3rd evolved. Also, I think the old sage quests should be nerfed, because as of now I have not been able to find and dragons to complete eggaxtly, or recipe for destruction. Where can I find all these dragons though, maybe they could make them less rare, maybe 1/20 chance instead of 1/100...

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  • how to i get two or more dragons?

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  • Hey, this is "Ben E."

    I wanted to let you know that the initial site (before we give it its own domain) can be found at

    It's not much to look at yet because I've been focusing on the backend framework, but I'd like to get your opinion and the community's input on some structural matters while I'm building it if I can.

    Part of what I need is just information about the mechanics of the game.  For example, setting aside Soul Stones, Gems, and Hero Points, do all monsters have the same stats at each level or do their progressions have a random element to them.  Also, do we know the mathematical relationship between Ability damage and Attack/Magic scores?

    Other questions are more open and focus on how the community should populate the wiki.  For instance, would it be better to fill in where each monster can be found and about how often they think it shows up, or would we like people to report encounters and have the system pool that data to give estimates as to how likely it is to find a certain Monster in a certain location?

    Please let me know what you think the best venue for this would be.

    In addition, it'd be great to have some contact information for you so I could get a hold of you more directly.  If you'd be willing to talk by email, phone, or instant messenger, please go to the site and put it in the contact form, and that will send it directly to me.  You can reach it by clicking on the "Feedback" tab on the left side of the screen.

    Thanks for your support.

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  • Well when i've seen that giant turtle was evolving to turtle king and then to trtilla i decide to evolve it with my blue wyrm and my bastion but now he's (or it's) a turtle king and evolving it is really slow.

    do you have a little tip to make it evolve quickier?

    (im not so good speaking english sry)

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  • thought I'd mention you're beautiful.  Compliments make the world go 'round.

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  • Hi Ashley,

    I'm a former web designer who just got into Dragon Island, and I'm interested in making an easier wiki for you guys to use.  I'd do it using a free Content Management System which would give you some benefits that I think would make your lives all much easier.  Here are a few examples:

    1)  A Structured Interface

    Instead of a simple WYSiWYG likw Wikia offers, each page type would be broken into fields that are easily filled out for a consistent layout.  For example, the body of a monster entry page could still have the Rich Text field you expect (with buttons for bold, italics, image incert, etc.) but you could also have a separate image field for the monster's image.  Let's say you decide the picture of the monster should go on the right instead of the left.  You just change that in the monster template and it changes it on all the monster pages automatically.  This also makes collecting tedious data much easier.  Someone could input the stats of their monster at a certain level and the system can compile them all to give you a drop-down on a monster's page where you can select a level and see what stats it'll have.

    2)  Multi-Directional References

    No redundant tasks!  I'd set up a smart system so when you add to the Monster List where you can find a monster, it automatically adds that information to the Monster's page.  No need to update every page in an evolution chain when a new evolution is added, set a single relationship and it will be added to the others.  The system is also complex enough that it can handle complex relationships.  For instance, you could have every monster's page have a section where it tells you how to get it and it lists as options places where you could catch the monster that evolves into it, but not where to catch a monster it evolves into.  This also means pages will never contradict each other.

    3)  A Real Messaging System

    This is nice and all, but it'd be much better if we had a secure channel where we could give each other our emails for further discussion.  That is standard in this system, along with the forums, blogs, and user profile pages you're used to.

    4)  Free Without Ads

    The platform I'm interested in using for the site is completely free with no ads anywhere.  I think adding in ads later could be a good idea, but if we did, the revenue for them would be split with you and shared with the members based on how much they update.

    Eventually, if the site is successful, I would like to partner with the developer to help promote Dragon Island and their other games.  I have a background in marketing and helping small businesses, so I think there's a real opportunity here to make a much better wiki than Wikia offers, because the site I make will be tailored specifically towards the Dragon Island game.

    What I need to know from you is if you think you'd make the switch and elp out.  I will need input from you about what you want from a wiki and how to make it better, and I'll also need help moving the data over to the new site and keeping it updated (but without having to input the same data more than once, this shouldn't be too hard and will be a lot easier going forward).  I have no interest in competing with the excellent job you've already done.  On the contrary, I see a way to take what you've done further and make your life a lot easier in the process.

    Please let me know if you're interested.  I don't need anything from you up front, but I would be doing this in my spare time, so I'd rather not spend a few days building up a site no one will use.  If you'd like me to put a demo together though so you can get a feel for what it would be like, let me know and we can talk through what features you'd like demonstrated.

    So that you know, I am also contacting "Supporter", the founder of the Dragon Island wiki on Wikinet.  Ideally, I'd like both your help and input to make this site great.  In addition to my saving you a lot of work, having two moderators could allow you both a little flexibility when you can't watch over the site for a while.  Not to mention, your community seems more English focussed and that one is more multi-lingual.  As the CMS can translate pages itself, the data can be input in any language and benefit everyone, so the communities coming together could be great for both.

    I noticed you've been busy and I'm excited about the idea of helping you take this site to the next level while reducing the time you have to commit to keep it organized.  I look forward to your response.


    Ben E.

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    • I want to appologize for not getting back to you sooner.  I actually fell ill the evening after I sent that message, but I'm mostly back on my feet now.  I think I can start building the framework for the site over the weekend and hopefully be ready for inputting data around the following weekend.

      In the mean time, there are two things you can help me with:

      The first is to think of anything you want to change about the site.  Anything you wanted to do but couldn't or wish you'd done differently.  To start with, I'm going to structure the site similarly to how you have it now except where you tel me not to.

      The second is to think of the best way to get the community together.  I'd like to have some open discussion about the layout of each type of page, what information we want on it and how best to collect that data.  I can set this up on he new site, but it might make sense to do it here where people are already comfortable.  I'm interested in where you think it'd be best to hold these discussions.

      I'm really excited to get going on this and I think you'll be glad you gave it a shot!  What's your preferred way for me to keep you posted on my progress?  Just keep posting on here or something else?

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    • This is Ben E.

      Sorry, my head must still be reeling a bit from the fever.  I forgot to sign my last two posts.  Just letting you know those were indeed me.  I'll get signed up on here shortly to help avoid confusion.

      Thanks for your patience,


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Help! I have read in this wikia that you can find one Chimera Ant right before Applefield. I would just clarify if you can really catch one near the bridge right before Applefield. Thanks!

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  • Can you delete all pages in that category? All the pages in that catagory are obviously stupid and deserve to be in that catagory.

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  • i've looked forever where you say u can find the starter dragons, but i havn't been able to find them... any help on how rare they are?

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  • I decide to resign as admin as I fail to bear my responsibility.

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