How to Obtain

The Dream Hunter can be found in Cave of Endergate on 15th floor. Higher chances in higher levels. This will evolve in to Morfeus at level 44.


Level 1 100 150
HP 49 1732 2584
Attack 13 784 816
Magic 33 1032 1532
Speed 33 1023 1532
Defense 33 1044 1997
Resist 33 1179 1997


Name Time Units Target(s) Effect
Dreamhunt 130 All Foes 5-6 Physical Damage (Death), +1000% Damage vs. Sleep
Explosion 160 1 Foe 44-53 Magical Damage (Death)
Mass Hypnosis 250 All Foes Puts targets to sleep for 149 TUs

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form
Dream Eater
Dream Hunter
Dream Eater Dream Hunter Morfeus
Evolves at level 27 Evolves at level 44 -


Morfeus is most effective while in a team with another Morfeus. Its sleep effect will always wear off before it can use Dreamhunt, so have one Morfeus to put the enemies to sleep and then one to destroy them with Dreamhunt.

There is a bug with the skill Dreamhunt: As long as one sleeping foe exsists in the enemy alignment , the damage will increase by 1000% to all the foes. Even to the ones who are not asleep.

Mass Hypnosis DOESN'T work on boss encounters (people battles & spirits). So don't spend all your time levelling up a few Morfeus' because they don't really help until you get into The Abyss.

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