It is the dragon overlord that block your way to Igneous Passage in Greater Wesing. You cannot collect any dragon overlords. The real identity of Nagendrais a Red Dragon.



Name Time Units Targets Effect
Defense Break 130 One Foe 17 - 20 Physical Damage (Fire)
Flame 130 One Foe 18 - 23 Magical Damage (Fire)
Man Eater 130 One Foe 17 - 20 Physical Damage (Fire), +100% Effect vs. Humanoid
Outrage 160 One Foe 22 - 27 Physical Damage (Fire)


6 stars, evolution of the red dragonling. It is powerful and can over power monsters if you haven't the right ones. Be careful when you fight it in the wild and enjoy its strength when you obtain it.




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