Olympia is a city located in Applefield


11 as of April 12th, 2013


"Enya has turned against us. She is right outside of Olympia, blocking all our activities. We need you to defeat her."

Battle Enya right outside of town

Chimera Ant, Terror Claw, Chimera Ant, Berith x2, Unhappy Bird x2, Orochi, Red Wyrm, Guardian x2, Orochi x2, Blood Rogue x2, Red Wyrm


"There have been reprots of illegal hunting activities in the forest to the north of the city, across the strait. Go arrest the illegal hunter."

Death Crawler

"Death Crawlers gain strength for every monster that they defeat. There is a hostile breeder on the south side of the river in Saintspring that has a powerful Death Crawler. Go defeat him before it's too late."

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