It is the dragon overlord that block your way to Dundean Town in Safaris. You cannot collect any dragon overlords.The real identity of Ormr is a Gold Dragon.


In the Norse mythology, the Miðgarðsormr is simply called Ormr sometimes

The Miðgarðsormr is a huge and monstrous serpent that appears in Norse mythology. Miðgarðsormr is not so much a name as an Epithet, which means "Midgard Serpent". It is also called Jörmungandr ['jœrmuŋgandr]: "cosmically powerful demon."


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Landslide 130 One Foe 18 - 23 Magical Damage (Earth)
Metal Slash 130 One Foe 17 - 20 Physical Damage (Earth), +300% Effect vs. Metal
Outrage 160 One Foe 22 - 27 Physical Damage (Earth)
Resist Break 130 One Foe 17 - 20 Physical Damage (Earth), Decreases Resist by 2


Green square gem, 54 resist.

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