How to Obtain

Found in Northern Alvalon at this location:


And found at Light tower in Ringfeld.


Level 1
HP 31
Attack 10
Magic 2
Speed 19
Defense 4
Resist 2


Name Time Units Target(s) Effect
Bite 70 1 Foe 6-7 Physical Damage (Water)

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form 4th Form
Dark Razorfish
Deep Whale
Piranha Razorfish Dark Razorfish Deep Whale
Evolves at level 18 Evolves at level 37 Evolves at level 56 -


We recommend you capture and train Piranha early on, as it evolves into a Deep Whale. Deep Whale is a powerful monster that you'll want on your team. If you don't have room now, you can always catch a Dark Razorfish later on.

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