How to Obtain

Found in the North Cave , on floor 4.


Rank F- S+
HP 157 755
Attack 34 164
Magic 34 164
Speed 41 197
Defense 82 394
Resist 82 394


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Crystallize 160 Self +18 Defense, +18 Resist
Nap 250 All Foes, All Allies Puts the target to sleep for 298 TUs. Any damage will wake it.
[Pseudo Immunity] - - Immune from all status effects.
Survivor 160 1 Foe 45-56 Physical damage (Earth). Effects increased by 50% per 100TU spent in battle.

All abilities are reflected as if the spirit were rank F-. 

[ ] = Automatically activated ability at all times in a battle.

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