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Info coming soon, feel free to help!

How to Obtain In no mans castle

Skull Crow Bones Bitewing
Skull Crow = Bones + Bitewing


Level 1
HP 34
Attack 12
Magic 12
Speed 13
Defense 21
Resist 21


Name Time Units Target(s) Effect
Dark Mist 200 All Foes 19-24 Death damage over the duration, Slows actions by 30%, Enemy effects: Poison, Duration: 500
Slay 130 1 Foe 12-15 Physical Damage (Death), +100% damage vs. Humanoid
Ultrasonic 130 All Foes Decreases Defense by 2
Venom Strike 130 1 Foe 13-16 Physical damage (Death),Enemy effects: Poison, Deals 13-16 Death damage over the duration, Duration: 500

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.

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