How to Obtain

Can only be obtained via a recipe. The Solaris recipe is found by defeating Ivo in the Underworld according to a quest given in Ilios in the Underworld. See the recipe combination below.

Note: to find Ivo, you MUST have the quest from Ilios.





Level 1 100 150
HP 64 2044 2746
Attack 46 1708 1983
Magic 46 1342 2016
Speed 28 820 1220
Defense 53 1559 2288
Resist 53 1694 2288


Name Time Units Target(s) Effect
Claw 160 2 Foes 36-45 Physical Damage (Arcane)
Gamma Burst 250 All Foes 36-44 Magical Damage (Arcane)
Mighty Guard 160  All Allies +2 Defense, +2 Resist
Overdrive 160 All Allies +1 Magic, +1 Attack

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


Fire Tiger Snow Panther Solaris
Fire Tiger
Snow Panther


1st Form

Script Info

Name: Leo

category: Combine

element: Arcane

index: 80000

parent: RootMonster

quality: 2


scale: 0.77000000000000002


Attack: 13

Defense: 15

Magic: 13

MaxHP: 18

Resist: 15

Speed: 8

stars: 9

unarmedAttackType: Slash

(Script info by Redxjak)

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