Once you have completed the task of "Usual Suspect" in the Old Sage's Tower in Southern Alvalon, you will receive a spikey.


Level 1 100 150
HP 99 4569
Attack 36 1704
Magic 36 1704
Speed 26 1218
Defense 76 3546
Resist 76 3546


Title Time Units Target(s) Effect
Detaunt 100 Self Disguise this monster, making enemies less likely to attack it Duration: 50
Mighty Guard 160 All Friends Increases Defense by 2, Increases Resist by 2
Overdrive 160 All Friends Increases Magic by 1, Increases Attack by 1
Survivor 160 One Foe 28 - 35 Physical Damage (Arcane) Effects Increased by: 50.0% per 100TU spent in a battle


There is no evolution for spikey.

Survivor Ability

Unlike most monsters, spikey gains attack strength as it stays alive in a battle. This is a very useful ability because when paired with two Iron Kings or even an Iron King and an Archangel that will continually spam Mighty Guard and an Iron King scapegoat, your Spikey remain alive for a very long time which will allow Survivor Ability to reach a crazy percentage increase thus making a Spikey a really good one-unit damage dealer. An Archangel might be more useful than an Iron King due to its Offering ability which will heal your Scapegoating Iron King when it's health gets low. To start weaking your opponents while you are spamming mighty guard you might want to bring in the spirit totem Time which will start weakening the defenses of your enemy with it's Cosmic Wind ability, making your Spikey even more effective. I would recommend this formation when attacking a single player due to the non-reusability of Spirit Totems until you reach a town again and due to the initial very low damage output.

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