Spirits are special monsters that can be summoned during the battle. They cannot be controlled by players and they have special abilities. Try to use one during the battle, it may help you a lot.(sometimes not)

If you want to better understanding on spirit fighting tactics, please read Tips and Tricks

The Spirits & Where to Get Them

ResistanceResistance - In the North Cave, 4th floor.note it is a good idea to not use this spirt

Fire Spirit Fire - In the Pirate's Cave, 6th floor.

Fate Fate - In the Lighthouse, 5th floor.

Aggression Aggression - In No Man's Castle, 6th floor.

Energy Energy - In Giant Mangal, 8th floor.

Karma Karma - In the Holy Cave, 15th floor.

Evil Evil - In the Cave of Earlsome, 10th floor.

Fear Fear - In the Cave of Endergate, 15th floor.

Thought Thought - In the Sanctuary, 14th floor.

Divine Divine - In the Sanctuary, 18th floor.

Shenron Shenron - In the Ruins, 5th floor.shenron is more powerful than time

Time Time - In The Abyss (Infinite Dungeon), 54th floor.

Spirit Ranking

Spirits have a letter-based ranking system. All spirits start at the rank F- and improve based on the information below.

The spirits follow these ranks (from weakest to strongest):

F- F F+
E- E E+
D- D D+
C- C C+
B- B B+
A- A A+
S- S S+

Training Spirits

There are two ways to train your spirits:

1) Defeating them in dungeon.

Each time you defeat a spirit in the dungeon and collect the totem after the first time, your spirit will gain strength.

It requires 2 totem for Spirit from S- to S and same applies to S to S+.

2) Using in battle.

Every few time you summon a spirit in battle, the spirit will gain a rank.

CAUTION: Once a monster at the max rank of S+ is ranked up, the spirit will return to the S- ranking.

CORRECTION: After reaching S+ rank, leveling to S- does nothing bad to stats, it infact increases them. So leveling spirits to S+ several times increases strenght every time.

Spirit Effects

All spirits have Immunity, which means they cannot be affected by status ailments (for the most part).immunity doesn't actually work with spirits

Click on each spirit name above for details on what they can do.