Once you have completed the task of "Eggxactly" in the Old Sage's Tower in Southern Alvalon, you will receive a teddy.


Level 1 100 150
HP 64 2944
Attack 28 1619
Magic 82 3518
Speed 46 1983
Defense 50 2136
Resist 53 2423


Title Type Description Effect
Dice 70 All Foes 21 - 26 Magical damage. Chooses a random element. If targets match they take 500% bonus damage, otherwise 0
Luxon 160 All Foes 44-53 Magical damage
Nutrino 160 One Foe 110-135 Magical damage
Paralyze Gas 250 All Foes Paralyzes the target for 258 TUs. It cannot act.

All abilities are reflected as though the monster were level 1


There is no evolution for Teddy.

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